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Friday, December 11, 2015

Crochet smalls

I've been working on a few "small" crochet projects lately. I want to have a booth in a craft show next year and I'm experimenting with several small items. When I babysit Declan for Kayla while she is with her homebound school teacher, I make these Santa face ornaments.
After Declan was born (he's now a month old!), Kayla posted a picture of him on the elephant rug I made for him.
She had so many responses from others wanting to know where she got the rug. One young lady requested one for her baby. She is an Alabama fan and wanted an "A" on the rug also.
I made this one using Bernat Blanket yarn instead of three strands of worsted weight. I straightened the "A" after I took this picture.
Pam bought the December 2015 issue of Crochet World because of the cover picture. Silly girl thought I didn't subscribe to this magazine! Anyway, I made the doily from the cover for her. I don't have the red beads that it requires, but if she wants them, she can add them.
I have several patterns from this lady's website Stuff the Body. She has the cutest amigurumi crochet projects. Most of them are seamless and that's what I like. The only problem I have is trying to crochet in small places! Aren't these babies cute!
 The "peach" one is made using worsted weight and the "yellow" one is using baby yarn.

 When I showed them to Justin, he said," The big one is Ashton's baby (Josh) and the small one is Kayla's (Declan)!"
I have so many "small" projects that I want to make. The problem is that after I make one, I don't want to make another! The thrill is seeing the pattern come to life, but after it does, it's just not as thrilling making another of the same pattern. Do you have that problem?


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