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Sunday, January 17, 2016

Saturday news

I want to start this post with a dose of cuteness. Holly and Craig brought Della and Maxel to visit. This was the first time Della had seen the 'horse' I bought a few weeks ago. Like any other little girl, she fell in love.
Maxel wasn't so sure....

He'd rather play with the telephones....

Janet and Kayla brought Declan to visit also. Holly was in heaven but Maxel didn't want mama holding another baby!

 Declan thought this was hilarious!

Della loves her great-cousin.
I was coming back from town and cut through the road where Janet and I used to work. Look at all of the turkeys!

 I counted twenty!
I ordered this book before Christmas and it arrived the other day. I wanted it especially for the zebra head, but Pam requested the deer head. It wasn't as hard as I thought. The only problem I have is sewing parts to the head. The ears don't want to stand up like they should. I started making the antlers last night.

I don't like the eyes either. They look "bug-eyed"! I think I'll try the animal eyes you can buy at Hobby Lobby for the next one. This book is also in UK terms so I have to be careful to remember that 'dc' is actually 'sc'! I looked up the yarn used in the book and it's the same as the worsted weight I normally use, even though it's called 'chunky' in the book. Those crazy Brits!
South Carolina got our first snow this morning! Thank God it was just a flurry and didn't stick! I didn't want to have to go to the store for milk and bread! :-)


Hindustanka said...

hi Charlotte! Your little grandchildren are adorable! Della such a big girl now! I love her red hair! :)
I would never like to have such head on my wall :) lol :) Good you always try something new to crochet!
Have a nice day!

Gramma Rita said...

The little ones are adorable as always! I especially like the little guy with his phones. Too cute! :)