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Saturday, January 23, 2016

Saturday news

Well, South Carolina is shut down! We got a half-inch of snow! Yeah, I hear all of you in the north laughing, but this is serious shit in the south!

 Between the ice we got yesterday and the snow today even my brother-in-law,Ed (who by the way is from the NC mountains) brought my sister, Pam, to our mom's in his tractor!

Reminds me of the time my first husband drove my daddy's tractor to work! 
I spent my day yesterday crocheting and plan to do the same today. I finished this 
Calico kitty blankie yesterday.

Then I started this beagle amigurumi...
Working up fast!
Today is my great-niece's, Vivien, birthday. She is six years old.
She is my sister Pam's first granddaughter and is spoiled rotten. She loves anything to do with dogs and has quite a collection. She's a hoarder just like her grandma and great-aunt!
Woke up late (7:50 am) this morning and spent almost an hour and a half on Facebook! God, I love lazy Saturdays!



Małgorzata Nowak said...

U mnie już po zimie jest odwilż. Kocurek jest piękny ,śliczne kolory.Miłego Dnia.Pozdrawiam.

Hindustanka said...

Hi Charlotte! Yes, we have seen the news about extreme weather conditions which hit USA... I hope it will get better soon, as many people were stranded by this.

Your niece is a very beautiful girl!a very Happy Birthday to her!