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Thursday, February 11, 2016

Thrift store finds

I took some donations to the local thrift store yesterday and like a good junker , I checked out the goodies inside. I found these two ceramic figurines for $1.50 each....
 The lady was made in Japan while the gentleman has Germany stamped on the bottom.
 This miniature Coca Cola bottle was 25 cents. It's about 2 inches tall.
 I saw this table but didn't want to pay the price they had marked it, but as I checked out, I changed my mind. It's a vintage table but it looks like someone "beefed up" the top by adding some plywood and screws. I-don"t-care!! So she came home with me!
 After a good dusting and polishing, she looks right at home in my den/entryway.
I was going to refinish or paint, but I think she stays just like this for a while.


Angela Hobbs said...

Great finds, I am jealous lol... congrats

Gramma Rita said...

Love your finds, Charlotte! Especially the little pop bottle and the table. :)

Hindustanka said...

The finds are indeed very beautiful. Loved particularly the table, she is enjoying her new home we can see :)