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Tuesday, February 23, 2016


That's what I keep asking. My beloved parakeets died this afternoon and I don't know why. One minute they were chirping, then they started their usual fighting and then they were both gone.
After a good cry, I placed them in a box and Justin buried them in my flower bed.
I've had them for almost four years and I am really going to miss them.
Nobody else in the family liked them, except Maxel and Della. Justin told me to get some more but I don't know if I will or not. It just won't be the same.



Maybe carbon? How is everyone feeling? I love birds too.

Debi Y. said...

I'm sorry for your loss Charlotte. ♥

Hindustanka said...

Sorry to know this Charlotte... we get attached to the animals , they become our family members... so I can understand your sadness.

Gramma Rita said...

Aw, so sorry for the loss of your birdies, Charlotte. :(