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Sunday, March 6, 2016

Saturday News

Saturday was my grandson's 14th birthday. He has really grown into a fine young man.....already one inch shy of 6 feet!


Now if I can get him to let me wash that dirty hat!
Declan will be 4 months next Saturday and is really growing.

 He didn't know what to make of Justin! I don't think he'll care for Santa Claus either!

Gavin has taken over my "playhouse" with his music and 'recording studio'. So Justin bought me a new storage building. It won't be delivered until this week but we had to move an old storage building to make room for the new.

 Gavin was "really helping"!


 Push harder!
 Even Uno tried to help push!

 In place beside my old "playhouse". This building holds all of the Christmas decorations.
 Uno says "Hi!"

Next week is going to be busy. Tomorrow we're getting "The Hopper" installed. I like saying it like the northerners..Hoppa!  For those who don't know, this is the latest DVR that Dish Network offers. I can't wait! 16 show recording at the same time! WooHoo!
My new building will be delivered Wednesday. I've got lots of ideas for it! Until then, so long!


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Gramma Rita said...

Handsome grandsons you have. :) Glad you got a new building to replace the one you had taken away. lol Hello to Uno!