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Wednesday, March 9, 2016

What's up Wednesday

I've been wanting to post for a couple days, but it's been sort of hectic. The technicians from Dish have been here installing The Hopper. We're stilling having problems with internet access to the "Joeys", but I'm in love with it so far. I even got Netflix and am amazed at all of the shows and movies that I'll be able to watch!
It's supposed to almost 80 today and my new building was supposed to be delivered today. "Was" is the operative word! Justin got a call yesterday that something about the hydraulics on the delivery truck had broke and it would be Thursday before they could deliver. Oh well! Story of my life!
Sunday afternoon, the grandbabies came to visit.
Great-grandpa Justin and Josh.....
 Ashton and her nephew, Declan....
 Xander was driving his 4x4 up and down the hill with Sloan giving him a push up.
 Josh liked the sweet tea from grandpa Justin. Kayla just got home from work.
 Grandpa Rodney and Declan....

 Great-grandpa Justin and Great-grandma Charlotte with Josh and Declan.

 Grandpa Rodney and Grandma Janet with Josh...

 I stopped finished working on the Sophie made with baby yarn. Looks like an Easter egg!

Now I need to find another project to work on. Might do some painting since it's so warm. Ta-ta!

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