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Friday, March 11, 2016

Calm down Friday

What a hectic week! After four visits from Dish technicians, someone finally discovered that the software was to blame for not being able to have internet access on the 'Joeys'! This Hopper has only been in service for five weeks and apparently they didn't get all the bugs fixed before installing in people's homes! Should have an update soon.
My building was delivered yesterday! While Justin and I waited for the delivery, I did a little painting since it was such a beautiful day. How do you like my "bicycle"?

Justin thinks I've lost my mind, but I like it. Finally my building arrived. I was amazed at what hydraulics could do.

 Plenty of storage space for the many tubs of afghans I have!

Gavin wanted to move in! I don't think so! Now, the chore of moving all my 'treasures' and placing them.
Yard sales tomorrow!! 


1 comment:

Debi Y. said...

I love your bicycle, and I love your treasures building. Have fun decorating it. :)