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Sunday, March 13, 2016

Saturday finds

Four yard sales yesterday! WooHoo! Pam, Janet, and I couldn't wait! Micki went before she had to go to work and bought this for me...
 Here is my haul.......Today is brought to you by the letter "A"! 25 cents.
 Crock Pot Little Dipper for $1
 Vintage bird thingy $1........
 Two Stephen King books and Patrick Swayze autobiography $1 each....
 Two tiny easels for 25 cents each........
 Another hand for 25 cents. I removed the "fur" and put her with my hand collection.
 A Himalayan Salt Rock lamp $1. I googled the benefits and was amazed of the air cleaning qualities.

 Micki asked me to look for a 'Nutri Ninja' for her but I found something similar for $5..
 The last yard sale was a good one. The guy had a recording studio in his garage and I found this recording chair for Gavin for $15.
That's it for this Saturday. The weather has been beautiful for the past few days and we have reached 80 degrees! Bring on the yard sales!

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