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Monday, March 14, 2016

Sunday fun

I finished making this cute cat yesterday. I've had this pattern for several years but was always "scared" to try it, but it wasn't as hard as I thought it would be! I ordered the wire needed for the neck support, used some glass 'rocks' that I had saved from another project for the eyes, and fishing line from Justin for the whiskers. Isn't she cute? Justin said it was creepy!

Pattern from Little Owl's Hut.
After a brief rain shower yesterday morning, Della and Maxel came to visit. Maxel likes playing with my coffee mug and "Cheerio's" spoon.

 Justin took Della outside and she had fun with the "waterfall" from the gutter.

 Maxel is his daddy's twin!
 Grandma helped him test the waterfall!
 Later in the afternoon, Josh and Xander visited. Josh wanted to get down on the ground so bad, but it was too damp. So he settled for the truck...

     Boy are we in trouble when he starts walking!
 Grandpa showed him how to slide and he loved it! Wouldn't go down in the normal way but headfirst!

Hard to get the boys, and Justin, up this morning! Hate Daylight Savings Time!


Gramma Rita said...

Looks like you had a fun Sunday, Charlotte. Those little ones sure are cuties!! I've been sick for about a week. I think the worst of it is behind me now. Sure hope so, anyways! My Sunday was spent lazing around working at getting better. lol

Hindustanka said...

The cat is nice, good job Charlotte! :) But perhaps I wouldn't make such,hehe.

Della is so big now! With long hair... kids grow really fast :)
Enjoy family time!!!