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Sunday, March 20, 2016

Saturday News

Thursday, March 17th, was my great-grandson Josh's first birthday. We had a party for him at my house yesterday. Because he is a St. Patrick's day baby, mama Ashton used that as the theme.

 The candle tasted pretty good! That's why we didn't light it!

 We all had fun with the fake mustaches and eyebrows!

 Even Declan joined in the fun!
 He looks like the mayor from Monopoly!
 I need to get some Nair!

 Josh kept these eyebrows on for a long time!

 Janet gave Declan a uni-brow!
Great-aunt Micki got Declan to take a nap.

Friend Patricia had Declan laughing.

Grandma Janet and her babies...
Kayla had to work so she was unable to attend.
Micki and I went to yard sales yesterday morning. I think I might have spent $5! This manly bust will probably get a makeover but for 50 cents he needs one!

 This small sifter was free!
 A trinket box for 50 cents. It has a snowflake inside!
 A cute little rabbit in the garden 25 cents...
 I got this 101 Dalmatians for Vivien..25 cents...
 Lassie was 50 cents....

 Magnetic curtain rod for $1.
 This is how I used it....
This was $2......
 ....and here it is......
This beautiful tablecloth was only $1!
 Applique, embroidery, and crochet!

 Weather has changed again! Cold and rainy today. I'm just going to relax, crochet, and watch some TV. Have a great Sunday!



Debi Y. said...

Happy Birthday to your great-grandson. Nice finds from the yard sales, and I love that tablecloth. :)

Gramma Rita said...

Oh my word, Charlotte...that tablecloth for only one dollar?!! Love, love, love it! I also like your little bunny figurine. :) Those babies are just too adorable!!