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Monday, July 11, 2016

Day 3

Everyone slept better last night after finally being able to shower. I was able to use my CPAP mask too! After three cups of coffee, bacon, eggs, and pancakes, we were ready for some adventure. So, off to Boone we go.
First stop, go-carts! Seems we can't go anywhere without finding a go-cart track!

Then we went to downtown Boone where I finally got to have some fun! First, I had a seat beside Doc Watson, a famous musician from Boone.
 I didn't know he took these!

Here's where I'm headed!

 My kind of store!
 I have one of these large ceramic owls that I found at a yard sale for $2............
 Look what they have it priced as!
 Pam and I look out for each other when we go antiquing. She collects Avon bottles, so I got her this stagecoach. I hope she doesn't have one already!
 The only thing I go was this little girl just because she was knitting!
On the way to Blowing Rock, it started to rain. Good excuse to stop for something to eat!

 Kody wanted a "view" of the mountains and I think he got one at Blowing Rock.

 Our little dare-devil had to climb the rock!

 Beautiful flowers.

 The last stop was Mystery Hill! The tour started with "grandpa's tools"...
 ...his still.......
 ....a revenuer.....
 Justin shared the outhouse with grandpa..............
 One of the optical illusions is that the person on the right will appear shorter. I didn't see any difference.
 Here's where it got fun! The slanted floor!

 Sorry for the blurry pictures but I was having to hold on to a rail to keep from falling! Justin is crawling up the floor!

 The swing will not go forward!

 Kody and Sloan rode the horse outside....

 Then they rode the carousel....

 Next door was a Native American museum. These arrowheads look like a quilt!

 Above the Museum was an old home with Appalachian artifacts.

 This is the front of home.
That's it for day 3!

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