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Thursday, July 14, 2016

Day 5

There is NOTHING to do here! The most excitement we've had is seeing a couple of deer in the yard and along the road.

Oh, don't forget the bees going into the roof!
 We wanted to go somewhere different but where? Justin suggested Johnson City, TN. After Googling, I told him there was nothing there, but he insisted we go. The most excitement on this trip was the scenery! I tried to get some pictures of the storm damage while we whizzed by.
 A beautiful lake, I think it was Lake Watauga.

 Beautiful mountains!

 Sloan couldn't handle all of the excitement!
 Lots of storm damage!

 But beautiful scenery!
We stopped in Elizabethton,TN for lunch. Good food, lousy service! We forgot our take-home plate!
 I think Kody got a little car-sick going around all those curves!
Back home...I tried playing Ladder Ball. No one has to worry about me beating them cause I couldn't even get near the damn thing!
 Boys in the hot tub.........

 Justin FINALLY caught a fish!!
We are thinking of packing up and heading home today. We will probably stop at a few places on the way home. Until then..............


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