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Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Tuesday junkin'

Micki had the day off yesterday, so went shopping and junkin'. I had a return at Kohl's which is next door to Hobby Lobby. How convenient! I only got a skein of yarn needed for a project. Then we headed to Fort Mill in search of a yard sale. On Tuesday?? That's what I said, but yes, we found it.
I got these Mary Engelbriet knobs for $5! Enough for all but two cabinets in my kitchen!

I also got this water container and plate holder included in the price.
After a lunch at our favorite burger joint, we stopped at Goodwill. I only got this ceramic bench for $1.99 and skein of yarn for 99 cents...
I moved the china cabinet I got at a yard sale Saturday and put some of my collections in it...

This is why I moved it.....
I had inquired about this beauty on Craigslist Friday but didn't get a reply until Sunday. $50!! You bet I grabbed it up!
The tiny chandeliers are actually Christmas ornaments! I love it!!


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Gramma Rita said...

Holy macaroni...fifty dollars...are you kidding me?!!! Wowzers! :D Love the ME knobs, too. :)