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Monday, October 31, 2016

Where do you put it all?

I've been asked what do I do with all of my yard sale finds. While this might scare a few folks, I love my home! It might look like hoarding to some, but it's organized hoarding! So sit back and take a tour of my treasures. The first picture is my collection of houses that I have recently started collecting.

My trinket box collection....
I made this ceramic tea set in the 80's.
My first curio cabinet was purchased to house my Las Vegas showgirl doll.

These shelves were once a window before we added the front entrance.

Justin made this cabinet for me when we first married.

This room was my son's but now it's the grandkid's toy room.

Birds in the bathroom...

My bedroom...
The quilt was made by Mother for me when I was a baby.
My "hand" collection...

I wish I could take close-up pictures of all, but that would really blow your mind!


Gramma Rita said...

Doesn't look like hoarding at all to me! Looks very organized and clean. :) I think your house would be a fun place to live. :)

krishna said...

What a lovely collection.. you have a grate taste..

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