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Sunday, November 20, 2016

Not much to tell

Been busy with Christmas shopping and Christmas crocheting. I can't show what I'm working on because somebody might see! I can tell you it's something I've never done before and quite frankly, it's almost whipping my butt! But it's not going to conquer me!
Janet, Micki, Pam, and I went to the Southern Christmas Show last Saturday. This is an annual thing for us and we had great fun. My feet and hips were killing me by the time we finished, but I'd do it again.
Holly brought the babies for a visit yesterday. Craig was working. Amelia is growing....

 I love Maxel's haircut! He's his daddy's mini-me!

Della is still a diva...

Declan came to visit also...
This sweet thing is now one year old! He has the sweetest disposition.

Josh is a sweetie too but particular as to who can hold him!
 Love these two!
Hope everyone has a Happy Thanksgiving!



Hindustanka said...

Happy Thanksgiving!

Your family is your treasure. The kids are so sweet and cute! And growing up s fast :))) God bless them!

Gramma Rita said...

Such cute little ones, and they're all growing so fast!! Hope you get to enjoy them on Thanksgiving. My family will all be here, so I am going to have to share Kendall. lol ;)