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Friday, February 10, 2017

Friday Finds

Pam and I had a great time at Goodwill and local thrift stores this morning on our way to visit mama. These lighthouses and Victorian house were $1.99 each.
 I grabbed these brass cranes for $4.99 each!
 Wooden hands for $3.99!
 A couple of fingers tips are broken, but who cares?
 Raggedy Ann 99 cents...
 Bird picture $1.50..
 Bride and groom $3.00...
 Comforter for Gavin's bed $7.99
Remember the Camaro car I got last week for $9.99?
I found the company online that made it and ordered a charger. And after charging, it works!!
I've been crocheting rabbits for the grandkids.
I used baby yarn for Amelia's. These are easy to make.
It's supposed to 75 degrees Sunday, so I think I'll work on my "she-shed".

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Gramma Rita said...

Great finds, Charlotte, and I love those rabbits! :)