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Sunday, May 14, 2017

Saturday news on Sunday

Happy Mother's Day to all my friends! Yesterday I rode with Justin to check on a couple of his jobs. This took us to Charlotte, Pineville, and Fort Mill. We stopped at a yard sale before we got to Lake Wylie. I didn't find anything but Justin bought more toys for the grandkids.

We passed a couple of community yard sales, but he kept going!!! Then we stopped at a pool supply warehouse that is next door to a favorite antique mall! Too early, it wasn't open yet! When we got to the first job site, it was a neighborhood with several yard sales! WooHoo! Two doors down from the job site, more toys filled the truck!

This was the only thing I found for myself.....50 cents....

While in Fort Mill, we stopped by to see Della, Maxel, and Amelia. It was also Holly's birthday.

 Sweet little Maxel has been battling pneumonia all week, but he seemed to be feeling better.
 Amelia is starting to crawl....
 Della is still a goof-ball....
My yucca plant did not produce any blooms last year, but this year there are seven shoots starting! It usually only has three!

Justin surprised me with a new swivel rocker for the deck Friday. Gavin and Sloan helped also.

I've finished Week 7 of the Nuts about Squares Cal....

I also played around with several different blocks...

In between the CAL, I've been working on another Sophie's Universe with the cotton yarn I got from a friend's yard sale earlier this year....
I had a dentist appointment this week and while waiting in the room, this "guy" stared at me the whole time!
Can you see his "eyes and mouth"? Once I saw it, I couldn't unsee it!
Have a great week!

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Sigrid Swinnen said...

Lovely mug you found, and so nice how much toys you guys bought!
Those children are all very cute, I hope Maxel recovers well.
And that yucca... so exciting!
You crochet squares are beautiful, I like the pink one with the flower in the middle the most.
So funny about the face you saw on the ceiling, I've got that too sometimes :-)
Have a great week, Sigrid