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Friday, September 1, 2017

3-D Flower Square

OMG! Look at this 3-D flower square! I found this on YouTube. She has a written pattern but it's not written very well. She also has a blog with some great crochet projects. I am in now way trying to take credit for this square.....I only wrote a clearer pattern. I did change the border from a granny to two rows of double crochet.

 You can use whatever colors you want. I'm going to call the first color "A". Make a magic ring; ch3 and make 23 dc (24 dc). Join with slst.
2nd row: Ch4 (dc and ch1), *dc in next dc, ch1 in each dc*, repeat from *to* around (24dc, 24 ch1). Join with slst.
3rd row: Slst in ch1 sp. ch3, dc in same sp. 2dc in each ch1 sp. (48 dc). Join with slst. Fasten off color A.
4th row: Join Color B in any dc, ch3, *ch1, dc in next dc*; repeat around *to* around. Join with slst and fasten off Color B.
5th row: Join Color C in ch1 sp, ch3 and dc in same sp. *Ch1, 2dc in next sp*; repeat from *to* around. Join with slst and fasten off Color C. Block will start "ruffling" which is normal.
6th row: Join Color D with *sc in ch1sp. 8dc in next ch1sp*; repeat around. Join with slst and fasten off color D.
7th row: This row is tricky. Reference the YouTube video if needed. Join Color E with a long sc into row 5. SC in the 8dc and long sc in next sc for 5 shells.
Remove hook from loop and insert into the back of the first long sc. Pick up dropped loop and pull yarn through, sc to close.

 Sc in next two shells with long sc between. Long sc, drop loop, put hook between the 3rd and 4th shell, pick up loop and pull yarn through, sc. (#1 on picture below)
 Sc in next four shells, connect between 6th and 7th shell. (#2 on picture below) Repeat around to the last 5 shells. (#3-6 in picture below)
 Sc as before with long sc between for 3 shells. Join between 1st and 2nd shell, (#7) sc next shell, long sc, join between 17th and 18th shell (#8), sc last shell. Join to first sc with slst. (#9)Fasten off color E.
Join Color F between flowers (#2, 4,6, or 7 in above picture). *Ch3, 2dc in same sp. Ch5, sc in back of next long sc, ch7, sc in next long sc, ch5, 3dc in next sp between flowers*. Repeat from *to* around. Join with slst.
Ch3, dc in next 2dc, *5dc in next ch5sp, (4dc,ch3,4dc) in ch7sp, 5dc in ch5sp, 1dc in 3dc*, repeat from*to* around. Repeat this row as many times as needed.

Hope this makes sense. As I said before, refer to video if needed.