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Monday, March 12, 2018

Rainy days and Mondays......

Did you sing that? It's a rainy, cold Monday here in South Carolina. Great gloomy day to stay inside, watch TV and crochet! I spent the last couple of days searching for another crochet project to make. I hate not knowing what to work on. All that lovely yarn and no pattern! So, I attempted to understand the instructions for the Cath Kidston Flower Hexagon by Suregal27 on Instagram. There is a YouTube video but I can't understand what the lady is saying, but I can "read" her hands and crochet hook! Here are two blocks I finished.....
I finally finished the Lilliana afghan. This thing is huge! I used I Love This Yarn from Hobby Lobby.

Craig brought Della and Maxel over yesterday. Holly wasn't feeling well and kept Amelia with her.

Justin and his crew stopped by Craig's Friday to scrape his driveway. He sent me this picture of Amelia.
This is Ashton's son, Josh. He is ALL boy!
That's all for now. Stay safe and warm!

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