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Wednesday, March 28, 2018

Spring has sprung!

Or at least that's what the calendar says! The weather says something different! It was warmer in February than it is in March! This weekend is supposed to be nice for Easter. I hope so! Seems like every year Justin starts a new project. This year he removed the gazebo that he built over 20 years ago and started a new deck....

Uno watching the process...
 The old wooden picket fence around the pool was replaced with this black iron one.

 The fence along with these chairs were free! Perks of his job! Some of the wood was free too!
My grandfather was a carpenter and used cedar posts in building his barns and the porch around his house. I have begged Justin for years to use the same and he finally did!

 Don't you dare put this on Facebook! Don't worry, dear, I won't! NOT!

I finished my Cath Kidston inspired Elements afghan. Love these colors!

I went through all of the tubs of crochet projects I had stored in my building. I gave away some to Holly's family, Declan's grandmother, my sister-in-law, and Maxel, Della, and Amelia. I gave a bag to local thrift store and I have two bags that I want to donate to either a nursing home or homeless shelter. This is just a few that I washed before sorting....
That turquoise one on top was "frogged" to use the yarn for something else.
 Here are some more free stuff Justin has brought home.....

Micki and Timmy were the lucky recipients of these!
Declan spent the night with me last week while Janet took Kayla to Duke for a doctors appointment.

 Concentrating on Paw Patrol....

 These kids are too smart! But what do we expect? From day one they've been exposed to smartphones!
 Eating oatmeal for breakfast....
...and chicken nuggets and chocolate chip cookies dipped in ketchup and ranch dressing!

He came to see me the other day wearing his Halloween costume! How can you not love this baby?
Sloan gets his wisdom teeth removed Friday. Wish him luck!
That's all for now. Hope you have a wonderful Easter!


Shirley said...

Hi Charlotte, It has been cold, rainy, and even a few snow flurries the other day. We are hoping to see almost 60 degrees today. I always enjoy seeing what you are making. I keep up with you on FB, but today I thought I would catch up with my friends here in blog land. Your little ones are growing so fast. It is always fun to see pictures of them when they were babies and the size they are now. I was hoping for sunshine today, but it isn't happening yet. They are saying only in the 40's for Easter. I hope you post pictures of the deck when it is finished. I love the rod iron fence. Take care. Hugs and Prayers from your Missouri Friend Shirley

Gramma Rita said...

Long time, no see. I’ve not checked blogs in months. Love your afghan! My cousin is opening a shop and taking some of my things on consignment. Fingers crossed!