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Thursday, July 19, 2018

I'm still here!

I know it's been a while since I posted, but I'm still blogging. Quite a bit has happened since my last post. July 4th, mini-vacation, and my birthday! I turned 65 this year! Woo Hoo! Not many pictures were taken, but the kids enjoyed the pool and fireworks.
We had a family cookout on the 4th and a neighbor cookout on the following Saturday. Gavin turned 20
                  and Xander turned 6 on July 8th.
Justin and I, along with the boys and Kody, traveled to Blue Ridge, Georgia for a vacation get-away. Beautiful place! This is how Kody traveled the majority of the time!

 We hadn't even unpacked and Justin was fishing!
 Gavin and Kody cooked hamburgers for us.

 This is where Gavin, Sloan, and Kody hung out....

 The neighbor's dogs. I joked they were Queen Elizabeth's dogs!

 This sign was on the back porch...
 I took some crochet with me....

 Gavin brought his guitar and Sloan couldn't stay off the phone texting his girlfriend!

 Ignore the belly-roll!
Not much to do or see in this area, so we found a "flea market" in nearby Murphy, NC.

Isn't this a great idea to use a pot lid for a towel holder?

Yesterday, Justin and I went to see the grandbabies. We took them a power-wheels car that Rodney brought home. Della is a little too big for it, but they all enjoyed it!

 Goofy Maxel dressed himself!
 He was proud of his fireman's jacket.
 We enjoyed a great supper with the kids and Holly and Craig.

 Bless her heart! Amelia konked out after we left.
Holly sent me these pictures of Della, Maxel, and Amelia....

I finished the crochet project I was working on during our vacation. It's just a C2C blanket with moss stitch border using the baby yarn I bought at Hobby Lobby on clearance.

That's all for now.

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