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Saturday, June 23, 2018

Saturday News

It has been so hot here the last two weeks! Thank God the pool is finally ready! Justin and I were the first to try it out last Saturday.
The kids really had a good time Sunday for Father's Day.

 Amelia is only 21 months old but was jumping off the diving board!

Sloan went to the mud bog last Saturday.
 Justin had to hose them down after we got home. Their clothes are never clean again!
Janet and I went yard sale "hunting" last weekend and they were hard to find! Micki and I went this morning because there was a church yard sale. We found a few goodies.
I collect these figures whenever I find them. No doctor in our family!
 Four chairs and two tables for the pool deck. I'm going to sand and stain.
 New comforter for my bed. The color is light aqua although it's not showing up good in this picture.
 A little cottage for my house collection...
 Hibiscus mirror for the pool house and 'hot biscuits' handkerchief...
 Another superhero mask for Declan and Wii games for Sloan...
 Only I would even think of buying this!
 Another doctor figurine and a lovely lady...
 Ran into a former classmate who was also my neighbor when we were kids. Her mother died a week before my mother. They are buried close to each other!
My crochet project is the Cosmic Cal. I've completed part 4, only five more to go.
That's all for now. Stay cool!

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