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Saturday, April 2, 2011

Mexican hat dance

Happy Saturday! Yard sales are starting to slowly creep out. Justin went with me this morning. He was on the hunt for a lawn mower, but we didn't find one. I found 8 Nicholas Sparks books ($1 each) along with 2 other books(50 cents each). I need to start reading!
For some reason, the lady had $2 on some of these and $1 on others! I was able to get them for $1each. I also got this tiny muffin pan  and this DVD for $1 each.

Finally, a little car that looks like it's a souvenir from somewhere (25 cents).

Thursday night, the 3rd grade class had a Mexican Art Festival program. None of us southern rednecks expected to be entertained by a real mariachi band! But it was great!

Our grandson, Sloan, is in this class. They all performed the Mexican hat dance.

That's him way on the other side (the last group on the right). I was able to get this on video with my camera. Priceless!
Hope you have a great weekend! They are calling for 80 degress Monday!


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Mary said...

Great find on the Nicholas Sparks books. Before he became major famous, he lived here in town (Simpsonville). He was my daughters friend next door neighbor. He always visits Greenville on every book tour.
I'd snatched the muffin pan up too. I'm in dire need of new ones.