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Sunday, March 3, 2013

Sunday news

Nothing much happening here. We got some snow yesterday but it didn't stick, thank God.
I saw this '34 Dodge at a car lot the other day......want it!!
Have a great week!



Faith said...

this is a beauty...lets put on on our Flapper garb and take that baby for a spin...awesome....

Hindustanka said...

Hi, Charlotte!
Nothing much here too, the weather is great, around +20 in day time.
Have a nice week ahead!

Anonymous said...

We had rain all day yesterday but supposed to have snow again soon. I am SICK OF IT!!!!! I love all old cars. We are restoring a '68 GTO right now but I'd love to do a really old one like that. What a great "outstanding" color for it, right? I absolutely LOVE the gecko and am going to be out-standing a bit myself today. ;-)

glor said...

Very neat car and with that color. Fun post!