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Monday, July 22, 2013


My fifteen year old granddaughter, Kayla, is so beautiful that she needs no accessories, but look what she did.........
 Why would anyone pierce their hips???????????????
 Della says, " Chill, Grandma! Like my tattoo?"
Kids! Anyhoo, this is my latest crochet project................

This car was parked in front of me Saturday. Who does this?
Have a great Monday!



Debi Y. said...

Ummm - I don't know.

Great colors in the log cabin square - it's going to be a beautiful blanket.

Our neighbor at the campground has eyelashes on her golf cart. I think it looks cute. :)

Vikki Hooks said...

I like the eyelash thing..not too big on the piercing thing..my grandaughter only 15..got her tongue pierced..I read her the riot act. Not that it helped. I don't understand the need.

Gramma Rita said...

I have to agree...ouch on the hip piercing. Then again nobody wold want to see my hips, let alone pierced! LOL I do like Della's tattoo. :)

Love your latest crochet project, and I think the eyelashes are cute. I probably wouldn't do it because Rick wouldn't find it very amusing though. LOL

Liberty Crochet said...

Ouch!! pierced hips? I had not known people do do that. My oldest just turned 18yo and on her actual birthday she went to get her nose pierced. (sighs)
That is the most adorable granddaughter you have.

Maggie said...

Loving the log cabin but those piercings look painful! How on earth do they stay in place? I'm not sure I want to know!!

Debbie@Debbie-Dabble and A Debbie-Dabble Christmas said...

Thanks so much for stopping by!! I have been on a roll with the yard sales this year!! LOL!