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Saturday, October 26, 2013

Saturday News

Not much happening this morning except the weather. Twenty-seven degrees! Brrrr!
I did stop at a yard sale yesterday on the way to the grocery store. I got a huge stuffed bear for Pam's cabin but forgot to get a picture. :-(
I got these two signs to add to my collection in my kitchen..............

 My Thanksgiving cactus is starting to bud since I brought it inside ..............
 This is what I have been crocheting lately......I'm using up the cotton thread that was part of the yarn hoard Rodney brought me here.

 I just heard some gunshots behind the house! Hope that means more deer meat! Have a great weekend!



Maggie said...

Love the signs and your crochet is wonderful xx

Gramma Rita said...

Cute signs. :) And your crochet..is that done in one piece or do you have to make all those little squares and join them separately? I absolutely love it! :D