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Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Ta da!

I am so proud of my latest crochet project. I made this for my sister Pam's cabin.
This is really my first attempt at changing colors without carrying the yarn across, even though that's what I did in a few places. I can tell where I carried the yarn across in the bears's legs. But I still love it and I'm sure she will too. It's not big enough to use as a blanket but she can throw it across the back of her sofa. I added the border starting with the cream color and finished with a reverse single crochet edging. The pattern was in my Ravelry favorites. Pattern here.


Debi Y. said...

Wow! That's really nice Charlotte. Your sister will love it. :)

Gramma Rita said...

I love black bears! <3 Your afghan is gorgeous, as always! I wish I had the patience with afghans that I do with doilies. LOL Your sister is going to absolutely love this! :D

homeschooljewelrymom said...

Beautiful, Charlotte!

Kim said...

Oh she'll adore it!!
What a wonderful present to give her. I'm sure she'll treasure it.


Preeti said...

It's looking very nice !! Great job!!

Crafty in the Med said...

Impressive! Quite a work of art I'd say. The bear stands out very well. Gorgeous gift!

keep well

Amanda :-)