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Thursday, April 14, 2016

Another day at the office!

Justin's job is installing fiberglass pools. With his crew, he lays out the template, digs the hole, installs pool, manages plumbing, electric work, concrete decking, grading and whatever else is needed. He is constantly on the phone with suppliers, sub-contractors, and clients. He has repaired other company's work also. This week they removed a pool that a client no longer wanted. The only place to store it until it was sold was our backyard! These are pictures I took of the process.

Wasn't that amazing? I have watched them load a pool over a house before! Magicians!


Hindustanka said...

Hi Charlotte! Well, great job he does! It is not an easy one, and requires loads of precision and deliberation...

Thanks for sharing!

Have a nice weekend ahead!

Gramma Rita said...

Awesome! I know it's a job I wouldn't want to have to do. Too much stress for me! lol