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Monday, April 18, 2016

Saturday News

I know it's Monday, but I didn't feel like posting yesterday. Janet, Rodney, and Micki went yard saling with me Saturday. We had a great time; Rodney kept us laughing. Love my son/brother-in-law!
He enjoyed playing with the kid's toys! The car was packed, even though I didn't get that much.
 Micki and Rodney had to ride with all of this between them!
I found some bamboo shade for the deck $5 each....
 ....and here they are after Justin hung them for me.....
Three magazine holders 25 cents each. I never have enough of these.
 These were bought at separate yard sales.....can't remember how much I paid, but it wasn't much.
 This little bird is supposed to sing, but I can't figure out how to make it work.
 The alarm doesn't work, but it's a great clock for Gavin's room $2.
 Afghan book was 50 cents even though it has a $1 sticker on it. Love the framed picture.
 Trinket box with puppies in a basket 50 cents...
 Wooden religious figure $1....I just noticed there is a snake around his feet!
 Fly swatter and shredding scissors 25 cents each....
 Two sketch pads and scrapbook alphabet paper $1 each....
See, I told you I didn't get much! Later that afternoon, Justin and I went to the 'Rib Shack' for supper and then went car "window shopping". Found a Chevy Traverse! Supposed to sign papers today if everything goes through. Wish me luck cause I really like this car!
Here's what I've been crocheting.....Reversible Ripple...

That's all for now.

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Gramma Rita said...

Wow, Charlotte, you found a lot of great bargains on Saturday! Yay, you!! :)