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Friday, April 8, 2016


Finally Friday! Couldn't resist saying "Whassup" because it was one of the many ringtones I opened on my new phone I got Monday. I didn't want another IPhone and I finally got away from Verizon!
 While I was working with the salesman (Best Buy), Justin and the boys were trying out the Virtual Reality headset. Christmas present?
 Cover that bald head!!
"Papa Smurf" approved!
I also got a new laptop that was on sale. Gavin had been using my old one for recording his music. 
I finished the baby afghan .....Lille Matelasse`Circular Baby Afghan. I used Hobby Lobby's I Love That Yarn in Turquoise. Size G hook. I ran out of yarn with 10 rows to go, so I stopped and finished with reverse sc for the border (crab stitch).

I started another one using same yarn but the main color is Pistache.
Pattern Rainbow Set. The dark color is Gray.
The great-grandbabies have been sick this week. Josh had a viral infection .....

while Declan was diagnosed with the croup. Poor baby had to be admitted to the hospital for several hours while they treated him. Kayla took this picture of him. Isn't this precious?
Justin and his crew are putting a pool in today but it's not the usual installation. The only way to get the pool to the homeowner's property is by boat! They are going to pull the fiberglass pool shell behind a boat! I told him to video this if he could. 
This is not the first time they have done this. I remember one time the crew was inside the shell while traveling across the water!
That's all for right now. Looking forward to yard sales tomorrow!


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Gramma Rita said...

Hope the babies feel better soon. Not feeling too great myself...I think I have some kind of tummy bug. :p Your afghans look great! Enjoy your new phone and laptop. :)