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Saturday, September 10, 2016

Saturday news

First, I want to let everyone know Mother is doing great after her toe removal this morning. She said she no longer hurts. I snuck this picture of her during my visit.
When Justin and I started out this morning to go get breakfast and a few yard sales, we discovered someone had took the paper box out! Clearly somebody has some damage to their car or truck!
As I left the house I noticed a hitchhiker.....

I drove a little slower than normal until the first stop. I had to "encourage" him to jump!
Found a few things at yard sales this morning and a few more on the way to and from the hospital.
A miniature high chair $1....
 White owl (Micki has claimed this one) $2. It has a $14.99 price tag on it!
 Brown owl also $2 (price tag $7.99) I think Janet might want this one.
 Parrot $2 . Originally tagged $4. Has a $19.99 tag on it. This one's mine!
 Three bowling pins $1 each!
 KISS $5. These are Justin's!
 Avon train $2. This is for Pam's collection.
 Sunscreen for Gavin's car $1 and flower tissue paper $1.
That's it for now. Next weekend I'm going to West Jefferson, NC with Pam for the annual antique fair. Until then....



Gramma Rita said...

Glad your mom's doing well. Love that parrot...I'd keep it, too, if I were you. :)

Summer said...

So good to hear your mom is doing well☺ Happy Friday ♥