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Friday, December 23, 2016

Friday news

What a beautiful sunrise!

I went to lunch yesterday with Pam and Vivien and afterwards we visited our local thrift store. I found a vintage Pizza Inn glass and a Coca Cola toothpick holder.....
 Kenny from Southpark and a miniature cottage.....
 Isn't she lovely?
 Vintage canisters......
They had this label on them but I only gave $4!
Sloan and his friend, Jacob, went to Walmart with me later. As I was leaving the store I passed the Vision Center and saw something headed for the trash. I asked if I could have it and they told me yes! It's a sunglasses display case! I'm going to use it in  my building to display some of my treasures.

I've been crocheting Messy Bun Beanies. These are the latest Marly Bird design....

 I've sold ten of these!

I  finished this last night and it is my favorite so far.....

 This one was made with yarn I bought on clearance at Hobby Lobby.

Have you seen the "face shield masks"? I ordered some for the boys. Naturally, Sloan's was a Confederate flag!

Justin and I visited the babies Saturday, but Maxel was asleep.

 Daisy wanted Della's chicken nuggets!

Here's some pictures Holly sent me....

I kept Declan the other day so Kayla could run an errand. He kept me hopping!

He loves to turn on the Christmas noise makers.
I hope I have finished Christmas shopping, but I'm sure we forgot something! Hope everyone has a Merry Christmas!



Shirley said...

Merry Christmas, Your fingers have been busy with your crocheting. Grandchildren do keep us busy, but we get to send them home. I spent the day with my middle one this week and had fun. Hope all is well. Take care. Hugs and Prayers from your Missouri Friend Shirley.

Pammy Sue said...

Wishing you a very merry Christmas with your family, Charlotte! Enjoyed all your pics. The sunrise was beautiful. Love the bun hats too. Those are so popular right now.