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Saturday, March 18, 2017

Crochet block

I'm at a roadblock ! Not sure what to crochet next. This happens to crocheters quite a lot so it's not unusual. In the meantime, I kept myself busy trying the In Bloom Cal. I wanted the Cath Kidston colors, so this is my version.

Using worsted weight made quite a large block. It's large enough for a baby or just a lap afghan.
I've been admiring a lady's work on Instagram for quite some time.

She charges $40 for the pattern!!! Ridiculous! So, I've been studying her photos and started my own version.
This is just the start but I'm going to see where this goes. Basically I start adding rows to the top and then embellish with flowers. $40 my ass! Highway robbery! I asked her why she charged so much and she replied because it was very detailed and included a YouTube tutorial! Must not be too detailed if I can figure it out by looking at her photos! Wish me luck!



LV said...

Good luck. What I have seen of your work, you do a super job. I have done handwork in the past, but never learned to crochet.

Gramma Rita said...

I hate to break it to her, but at forty dollars I highly doubt she's going to sell many patterns. Sheesh! Love the afghan you're working on. I, too, wasn't sure what to work on next, so this week I've been doing a Mollie Makes spring wreath cal. They have posted different flowers/leaves each day this week. So far I'm all caught up. :)