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Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Instructions included

Why can't men follow instructions? Why do they think they can put something together "because that's how it should be"? Our microwave died yesterday but not before it finished cooking my supper. It was 10 years old and we really put it to good use. This is a picture of the old one; please keep this in mind while I finish telling you the story.
I searched the Lowe's website and found a microwave that I liked and it was on sale! So, after we ate supper, I went to Lowe's and bought the new microwave. Justin told me when I left that he wasn't going to install it today, but when I got back, he was removing the old one! I got the installation instructions out that included a template for the bracket. Here's where it got crazy! Ignoring me and the template, he started installing the bracket in the same place as the old one. Making new holes for the toggle bolts, he got the new bracket in place. Then with Sloan and Jacob (Sloan's friend), he attempted to put the new microwave into place. Notice I said attempt!
What?? The new bracket was not in the right place? What a surprise! It needs to be lowered!! Didn't you measure the new microwave? Do you think the instructions and template would have helped?? Now he looks at the instructions and discovers that the new bracket should be lower! And now we have to find some more toggle bolts!
Nope, can't find any, so he finds the studs and screws the new bracket in place. I hold the template up to the bracket and guess what? It matches perfectly! Imagine that!
Now he attempts to insert the microwave but he hasn't got the holes lined up right in the top cabinet! There's a template for that too! Cursing and swearing that "you should be able to take one out and put another one in the same place!" Nevermind that in ten years technology has advanced!
Finally he gets it right and in place! "Don't ask me to do anything else!"
Ain't it purty? And quiet!
Now do you see the obvious size difference??
To my friends who know my husband.......DO NOT tell him I posted this!!!!!