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Monday, July 31, 2017

Ten years ago...............

....................my life changed forever. I was rushed to the hospital for emergency back surgery. It all started with a back ache that I thought was because I had slept wrong or we needed a new mattress. The new mattress didn't help and my back ache was getting worse. So bad that I left work early and called Justin to take me to the doctor. Now if you know me, you know that if I leave work and go to the doctor, I'm sick!
The doctor thought I had kidney stones but an X-ray didn't confirm, so they sent me to Rock Hill for a CAT Scan. I was hurting so bad I couldn't sit in a chair and had to lay on a bed. The CAT scan showed nothing, so I was sent home. This was on a Tuesday.
Justin wasn't satisfied with the results, so he took me to the hospital in Pineville, NC. Another CAT scan with no diagnosis.
For the next three days, I laid in the bed because I could not do anything else. But Justin was busy trying to get someone to tell us what was wrong. On Friday, we went to an orthopedic doctor who diagnosed me with a ruptured disc just by looking at me! No Xrays, nothing! He scheduled a MRI for the following Monday. When we returned home, I collapsed because my right leg no longer worked. Justin took me to Pineville again where they performed a MRI. The next thing I know, I'm being put into an ambulance headed for the main hospital in Charlotte.
I was rushed to surgery where the doctor removed an epidural abscess. I was on morphine for the next three days. I still don't remember much about those days. I spent two weeks in rehabilitation learning to walk again. I still had to use a catheter for at least a week after I came home.

 I praise my husband everyday for taking care of me. If he hadn't kept trying to find out what was wrong with me, I would probably be paralyzed or dead!
We really don't know what caused this. The doctors said it was something that got in my blood. The only thing we can figure out is I was having nose bleeds before this happened.
I have spinal damage and can no longer squat, but at least I can walk. Not as fast as I used to, but it could be worse.

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Gramma Rita said...

Wow! What an ordeal you had to go through. Thank God for Justin through it all!